Every Apple Beat Tells a story

Growing Apples is alot like making beats, each apple got its own flavor, its own vibe and here on the farm in the Fjords of Hardanger, Norway everything has its own rhythm.
Living here is about The genuine passion for the music and the land. the authnticity of the farm life, the belief  of letting the music flow naturally, guided by the surroundings and experiencing the unfiltered. Portraying the Story through the music. 
It has been three years now since the city life, the music felt boxed in, and the constant noise of it all, it drowned out the sublte feels and flows that shape the beats made on the farm today. The city’s always moving, demanding a different vibe, one that sometimes felt far from the heart and soul. But moving here has been like breaking free, coming back to the roots where the inspiration can flow. the beats and apples, they’re like family, each carrying their own story of growth. Whether its the notes of a melody or the harvest of an apple,  it’s a profound boundless potential that comes with the nature, i call it freedom.


Creating  Apples   Music  is freedom